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Domains go up in value with time

Did you know that older the domain is, the more valuable it usually is? This is because older domain usually gets more backlinks and therefore gradually higher PageRank. But not all domains are successful. Some might have several thousands domains and website but actively run only couple of them. So they neglect and forget about them.

Domains have also something called expiry date. It means that domain must be renewed periodically to reclaim its ownership. These expiring but valuable domain are where the money is. OK, sound good but how do you find them? There are literally billions and billions domains. It would be impossible task to go through lists of expiring domains and try to find valuable domains to buy.

Enter Domain Flipping Extreme


Domain Flipping Extreme is power school of domain flipping. The tool of the trade is software called Domain Sniper Extreme. It runs automatically and allows you to filter out the best and most profitable domains to buy and sell. You will learn how to figure out domain age, PageRank, backlinks and REGE (those complex mathematical things for determining domain value) while running on background.

Our dedicated crew here at Mad Money Systems have been testing and tweaking this system now over a 2 months. The background material itself is really valuable for anyone who wants to get started earning money with domain flipping but the we found the automated software to be the real killer! If you are new to domain flipping we highly recommend that you learn all the bells and whistles of domain flipping with this guide before using this extremely powerful software. The software itself costs over $5,000 to develop itself and it is included with the purchase.


You will learn where you can find expiring domains and then load them to the Domain Sniper Extreme. It will then automatically show you the most profitable domains which you should buy.

The 90-page eBook will then teach you what is the best venue to sell your domains, how you should craft your sales letters, what pitfalls to avoid etc. It will take you by the hand and guide you through your first sales.



OK, so what did the Mad Money Systems make out of it? Did we harvest all those billions dollars available in domain flipping? We frankly no. Yet again you should remember that this isn´t push button system to the riches. It requires that you do you work and put in some effort.

After that you can run it pretty much in autopilot in the background. We recommend that you try it out yourself. It has 60-days money back guarantee so you´ll be safe.


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